Legal services are in demand by everyone, although to a different degree: ordinary people, businessmen, national and international companies. In some cases it is impossible to do without professional legal assistance and sometimes lawyers are the last hope for defense and restoration of the breached rights.

Top-notch specialists with a broad area of expertise, the profound knowledge of the legislation and the ability to find optimal solutions even to complex and intricate cases are at your service. Timely support of legal professionals will help you not only solve disputes and conflicts arising in every sphere where the interests of people, organizations and the government intersect but also prevent an undesirable turn of events.

Being guided with legislative provisions and interests of the client and observing confidentiality and professional ethics codes, we offer legal consultations, efficient legal defense and representation of individuals and legal entities in a great variety of situations and relationships.

Defense of civil rights of Russian citizens, foreign citizens and stateless persons

Defense of interests of legal entities, including those foreign

International legal issues