Legal Services Abroad

Many international companies, both small and big, are registered in special tax zones. They are attracted by flexible laws, simplified business management procedures and unlimited possibilities of global business. Each territory of this jurisdiction offers monetary and tax regimes favorable for businessmen, high levels of confidentiality and loyal state regulation.

We are offering legal services on the territories of Panama, Cyprus, the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong. On the whole, the requirements to doing business in special zones are relatively simple but there are some differences, nuances and peculiarities which our jurists will help you to grasp. For instance, there may be different requirements to capital in the registration procedure, differences in the founding procedure and period, different requirements to management, financial and currency limitations and taxation (the rates may be low or zero for some categories of revenue or just for some), reporting and auditing peculiarities and so on. You will receive comprehensive consultations about every question of interest.

Professional legal services in this area include:

Factors influencing corporate activity on territories with the special jurisdiction are diverse and we will help you to understand them and to build a successful business. Thanks to professional legal aid, you will easily achieve your goals.