Arbitration Disputes

Skilled legal aid in arbitration disputes: the lawful resolution of conflicts of any complexity in your favor.

Disputes in the activity of enterprises and organizations are mostly rooted in economic and financial matters. It is very difficult to successfully settle a dispute and to avoid negative implications for business without professional legal aid. The legislation binds legal entities to do the utmost for solving a dispute peacefully, in a pre-action manner, before they turn to court. A correctly formulated claim will make it possible to reach an amicable agreement and to settle the dispute in a pre-action procedure. If a positive result is not achieved, we will have every reason to file a claim with the arbitration court.

The most frequent types of arbitration disputes involving legal entities relate to:

High skills, professionalism and experience of the resolution of various arbitration disputes, including those involving foreign companies, help us find a way out of difficult situations. For instance, the complexity of arbitration disputes involving non-residents results from their special organizational and legal status. No matter how difficult a situation may be, we will rapidly collect solid proof, correctly formulate and validate a claim, file the claim with the court and defend your rights and interests.

Representation of legal entities in arbitration disputes includes: