Civil Law Disputes

Skilled legal defense of breached or disputed lawful civil rights, freedoms and interests.

Some civil law disputes may be much more complex and complicated than criminal cases because relations from which they derive are frequently regulated not only by main codes and federal laws but also by a multitude of resolutions, orders and decisions. Our specialists know their way around numerous normative acts and use them to defend the rights and interests of the client thanks to their high skills and vast experience. Being guided with the solid legal basis, we will collect evidence to build a logical system and a clear line of defense.

The most common civil law disputes are:

Proof has primary significance in civil law disputes: the plaintiff (the person who appeals to court for the protection of one’s rights) is compelled to validate his demands, and the defendant is compelled to validate his objections. Professional legal aid will accelerate the issue of certificates and other documents, which are directly related to the subject of dispute and support the claim of the plaintiff or the defendant. Operating within the legislative framework, we will gather solid proof and formulate the claim or objections against the claim in a correct and grounded manner.

Professional legal aid in civil law disputes includes: