Defense in Criminal Inquiries

Skilled legal support in the defense of rights and lawful interests against indictment, unlawful conviction, restriction of rights and freedoms.

No one shall be convicted until found guilty by court. We provide professional legal aid at any stage of the criminal trial (pretrial investigation and court inquiry), from the moment an accusation is brought or a criminal case is opened. Our jurists thoroughly study materials and circumstances of the case and develop the best line and tactics of defense being guided with their experience, legislative provisions and interests of the defendant.

The lawyer is a key actor of the criminal trial. He is not a detached observer but an active participant. The outcome of the trial depends on him to a large degree, and he has no right to make a mistake because his mistake may have catastrophic consequences for the defendant. Pursuant to the effective laws, the lawyer defending his client has the right to:

The profound knowledge of the legislation, scrupulousness and insistence help us defend the rights and freedom of our clients. Our entire efforts aim to achieve the best possible result considering peculiarities and circumstances of the case. High skills, professionalism and successful experience gained in criminal trials with various degrees of complexity enable us to find a way out even from seemingly hopeless situations.