Foreign lawyer

Practically anyone may have to deal with international laws amid globalization processes and find oneself in a situation requiring legal aid outside of the Russian Federation. It could be the issues related to some activity, property abroad, a foreign marriage or lots of others. Based on our many-year experience of the settlement of international legal issues and the reliable partnership with foreign professional lawyers of various specializations, we can help you choose a specialist depending on the circumstances of your situation. We will mandatory verify his competence and qualification. In some cases you may need both legal services and consultations and the protection of your rights and interests in court. In this case we can choose the most competent foreign lawyer for you.

The procedure of representation in a foreign court significantly differs from the Russian procedure. For instance, it will suffice to have a power of attorney for representing the interests of another person in a civil law court in the Russian Federation. Yet in many developed countries this can be done only by the lawyer who has acquired his status consistent with the local legislation and the regulations set by it. There are significant legislative differences, as well. For instance, the United States has case law, which means that the sources of legal norms are not only codes and laws but also many volumes comprising court rulings in concrete cases. Only a local skilled jurist will be able to sort out every nuance and intricacy.

Our specialists will explain the specifics of legal services and interaction with a foreign lawyer. We will make sure that you receive truly professional legal advice.