International Arbitration

International arbitration is an alternative method of the settlement of disputes arising in the course of foreign economic activity. Compared to the appeal to state courts, it has a number of advantages: confidentiality, neutrality of arbiters and rapidness. Most probably, such disputes are related to contractual and civil law relations, in which at least one side is situated abroad, as well as disputes involving foreign enterprises (organizations and international associations) set up on the territory of the Russian Federation, for instance, under contractor agreements, contracts of sale, construction, corporate and other agreements.

There may be a special arbitration instance hearing a concrete case (isolated or ad hoc arbitration, for instance, Arbitration Regulations UNCITRAL) or an instance operating on a permanent basis (institutional arbitration, for instance, the International Court of Arbitration, the London Court of International Arbitration and others). In the first case the dispute settlement procedure complies with the regulations approved or developed by the sides to the dispute, and in the other case, it is consistent with the rules and procedures of arbitration institutes and organizations operating on the permanent basis.

Professional legal aid in the field of international arbitration includes:

Our jurists know all nuances of arbitration procedures. We will draw up an agreement with arbitration proviso, offer consultations on any aspect of international laws, prepare evidence and elaborate a grounded claim. Our successful experience of supporting arbitration disputes at various arbitration instances of the world and high skills provide the professional approach to the resolution of problems. We will keep in mind every intricacy of the case and elaborate the most efficient strategy for the protection of your rights and interests.