Internal corporate disputes

Corporate disputes commonly occur inside organizations and enterprises, and the sustainable operation and the future of the entire business often depend on their successful resolution. They may be caused by a conflict of interest of corporate members or shareholders. There may also be disputes between the organization and senior managers, for instance, the general director. If negotiations between sides to an internal corporate dispute are in a stalemate, they cannot do without professional aid.

Internal corporate disputes may relate to:

Professional legal aid in the defense of interests in internal corporate disputes includes:

Corporate laws are complex, especially in joint stock company issues. Our jurists are successfully using their knowledge in the practice thanks to their high skills and profuse experience of the solution of internal corporate disputes with various degrees of complexity. The professional approach to the settlement of a dispute is based on the thorough legal analysis and the development of a strategy. We will do our best to settle a dispute in your favor, either in a pre-action or court procedure. Our jurists will develop a correct legal position and convincing arguments in defense of your rights and interests.