Support to Business of Foreign Investors

Investment is always beset by considerable risks. These risks are much larger for a foreign investor who is not aware of business specifics of the host country. Based on our lasting and successful experience of the interaction with foreign investors, the thorough knowledge of the legislation of the Russian Federation and national business specifics, we help find optimal solutions based on the specific features of investment and the investor’s goals.

You will receive all-inclusive consultations regarding investment procedures on the territory of the Russian Federation and national business specifics, which will help make a measured decision. We will give you detailed explanations of investment forms and grounded recommendations about the choice of the organizational and legal form of the economic entity based exclusively on the efficiency criteria.

Legal support to business of foreign investors includes:

Our specialists will study your documents, correctly draw up the missing documents and assist in your registration. Professional legal support will protect your interests in the interaction with partners and various state authorities and instances